Rupert Murdoch vs Louise Mensch



Date Time Competition Season
January 22, 2017 2:15 pm Arsehole Premier League 2016


Match Preview by Angry Salmond, you can read the rest of his predictions here.

Louise Mensch once confused Brexit with a nightclub. In fairness though, the media confuse her opinions with reasoned political commentary all the time. Indeed, her Twitter account has become legendary for all the wrong reasons since she surrendered her role as MP for Corby. The amount of social blunders, absurd conspiracy theories and confused rants she has posted on Twitter has resulted in her locking her account in order to decrease public ridicule. O

f course, anyone who uses social media will know that you can’t put a padlock on stupidity, and screengrabs of her continued Twitter gaffes regularly appear online. That said, Louise Mensch, like many of the lower grade competitors in this contest, is merely an antagonistic idiot. Rupert Murdoch, on the other hand, is very much a sinister mastermind. Much like Paul Dacre, Murdoch is an enabler of the dumb, and without his gluttonous villainy at the top of the prick pyramid, people like Louise Mensch would be unheard of. A clear win for Murdoch.