Philip Hammond vs Rupert Murdoch



Date Time Competition Season
January 3, 2017 7:45 pm Arsehole Premier League 2016


Top of the table versus bottom, and a non-contest from the first whistle. Hammond is just invisible, isn’t he? We can be shown a photo of him and yet 3 minutes later we *still* forget what he looks like. and this time next year will be the answer to one of those ‘Do you remember..’ questions. Murdoch so far this season is unbeatable and invincible. The only thing that will ever defeat Murdoch is the slow march of time, and frankly he seems almost immune even to that. Clearly his latest wife Jerry Hall is not ‘putting out’ at full throttle, surely even the Dark One couldn’t survive that? We think Murdoch will reign supreme until his evetual demise, which will probably involve a stake, a mallet and a bible. Alternatively if he ever pisses off Putin and likes polonium tea.

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