Louise Mensch vs Theresa May



Date Time Competition Season
January 31, 2017 7:45 pm Arsehole Premier League 2016


Match Preview by Bozwonk, you can read the rest of his predictions here.

I could flick through an Argos catalogue of disasters that Mensch has thrust herself into the centre of. Her 5000 word blog and days long attack on the 15 year old girl who supported Ed Miliband stands out as her most classic work. There were a thousand options on the table when she discovered #Milifandom but she swept them all away, choosing one that demonstrated just how obsessive and humourless she can be. She stands out from Hopkins and Morgan who say things to gain attention because when Mensch says things, she actually believes them no matter how ridiculous. She continues to believe them long after they have been proved entirely incorrect. I seriously believe that she has a mental health problem, that she’s an untreated addict of some kind. Often, after seeing the latest contents of her flush on Twitter, I wonder where the people that care about her are, her husband? How could he let her repeatedly do this to herself?

For those that opposed Brexit, we at least felt that Britain would never cosy up to the largest liability on the planet that is Trump. That his lies, sexism, his Nazi era policies were too much even for a Conservative govt. Theresa May put all that to bed when she visited Trump last week. Just 30 seconds of footage of it was enough to break all my toes as they curled up like a pair of Ali Baba’s shoes. May strolling along with him, holding his hand (presumably to stop it grabbing her pussy) has demonstrated just how far she is willing to go to appease this monster. She is Mussolini to his Hitler, a Maysolini. Rather than indicating what a noble nation we could have been, she just etched into the history books our decent into some dark, terrible place.

Mensch, as Leadsom’s unofficial campaign manager, predicted in the Tory leadership race, “It’s not going to be Theresa May, there is no chance”. She was wrong then and she’ll lose this contest too.


Louise Mensch41
Theresa May59