Katie Hopkins vs Mike Ashley



Date Time Competition Season
January 21, 2017 3:00 pm Arsehole Premier League 2016


Match Preview by Angry Salmond, you can read the rest of his predictions here.

Mr Ashley’s business practices might have brought woe to employees and football fans alike, but Katie Hopkins’ truly horrible rhetoric has indirectly affected thousands of minorities across the UK. Her verbal venom has become so over-the-top in recent times, that I’m surprised Hopkins hasn’t suggested that Santa is an illegal immigrant, and that she prays he dies in a sleigh crash over the Mediterranean.

With sentiments as offensive as hers, the UK needs Katie Hopkins like human beings need fire ants in their eyes. However, that hasn’t stopped her gaining a significant fan following, and to a very large degree, normalising alt-right opinions in Britain. We know that the number of racially motivated attacks has gone up considerably in recent years, and these figures mirror Hopkin’s rise within popular culture. History might not remember Mike Ashley fondly, but it is likely to take a far worse view of Katie Hopkins.

When children study the rebirth of western fascism in the 21st century, Hopkin’s face will certainly feature in a textbook or two. Moreover, Katie claiming that she speaks for the UK is one of my top reasons for wanting Scotland out of it.


Katie Hopkins88
Mike Ashley12