Katie Hopkins vs Iain Duncan Smith



Date Time Competition Season
January 31, 2017 7:45 pm Arsehole Premier League 2016


Match Preview by Bozwonk, you can read the rest of his predictions here.

Hopkins is a troll. That is her professional role. It should be on her passport. Most of what she says is just talk, she doesn’t believe half of what she says though she feels compelled to say it. She’s a hypocrite to the core. Maybe she’s attacking people who name their children after places even though she named one of her kids India. Maybe she’s screaming about foreigners coming to the UK to take what doesn’t belong to them even though she had an adulterous affair with a married man. I believe her drive to say these things is a desperate need to be noticed. It gives me great comfort to believe that she will paint herself into a lonely corner and by the time of her demise she will have alienated herself from all around her. She’ll realise her deepest fear, to die alone and unloved. Duncan Smith would be the worst person in the world to be stranded on an island with. He’d have you running around, building the shelter, making the fire, tending the fire, hunting food, growing crops and all the other requirements to live. He’d bark these orders as he lazed in the shade, in a hammock (that you had to build), often issuing contradictory orders so that nothing gets done properly (this would obviously all be blamed on you). When you finally collapse in exhaustion, he’d really then start to show what he’s made of. How he delights to pick on the most vulnerable in society. When a ship passes by and you have done enough to attract its attention, he’d be first on board with stories of how brave he was and how useless you were, finally convincing the captain that you shouldn’t be rescued at all, you should be left in the mess that you had created. Hopkins will win because not a day goes by without some slurry pouring from her.