Jeremy Hunt vs Liam Fox



Date Time Competition Season
January 22, 2017 4:30 pm Arsehole Premier League 2016


Match Preview by Angry Salmond, you can read the rest of his predictions here.

In recent years, Jeremy Hunt has been a breakout star in terms of being a shit. Going from a relative unknown to one of the most hated human beings in Britain, in the space of only a few years, is no mean feat. Liam Fox’s breaking of the ministerial code and expenses indulgences seem like distant memories in the wake of Hunt’s rampant destruction of the NHS. His transparent mishandling of the Health Service – in order to privatise it – has gotten so bad that the British Red Cross recently declared a humanitarian crisis in hospitals across England. What makes this worse is that Hunt, and his allies, claimed that the term humanitarian crisis was “inappropriate”.

The Tories actually felt like they had the right to lecture the Red Cross on the definition of a humanitarian crisis. In my view, Hunt will absolutely storm this round. Frankly, his abhorrent attitude towards the working conditions of NHS staff, the quality of healthcare to patients and general disregard for human life could make him a favourite to win this entire fucking contest.


Jeremy Hunt81
Liam Fox19