Day: August 18, 2016

Guest Predictions: How did Tiernan Douieb do?

We asked Stand-up comedian, writer, podcaster and actor Tiernan Douieb to predict the results of the weekend’s fixtures. The results are in, so let’s have a look at how he did

10 points are awarded for getting the result bang on the money, 5 points for predicting the correct winner and 2 bonus points for getting within 5% of the score (Only if the correct winner is predicted).

Liam Fox vs Theresa May

Tiernan’s prediction: Liam Fox 65% – 35% Theresa May

Score: Liam Fox 58% – 42% Theresa May

Correct winner – 5 points

Louise Mensch vs Piers Morgan

Tiernan’s prediction: Louise Mensch 45% – 55% Piers Morgan

Score: Louise Mensch 55% – 45% Piers Morgan

Nil points

Richard Littlejohn vs Iain Duncan Smith

Tiernan’s prediction: Richard Littlejohn 65% – 35% Iain Duncan Smith

Score: Richard LittleJohn 43% – 57% Iain Duncan Smith

Nil points

Rebekah Brooks vs Toby Young

Tiernan’s prediction: Rebekah Brooks 30% – 70% Toby Young

Score: Rebekah Brooks 63% – 37% Toby Young

Nil points

Katie Hopkins vs Kelvin MacKenzie

Tiernan’s prediction: Katie Hopkins 48% – 52% Kelvin MacKenzie

Score: Katie Hopkins 57% – 43% Kelvin MacKenzie

Nil points

Melanie Phillips vs Nigel Farage

Tiernan’s prediction: Melanie Phillips 25% – 75% Nigel Farage

Score: Melanie Phillips 26% – 74% Nigel Farage

Correct winner – 5 points

Score accuracy bonus – 2 points

Boris Johnson vs Tony Blair

Tiernan’s prediction: Boris Johnson 65% – 35% Tony Blair

Score: Boris Johnson 49% – 51% Tony Blair

Nil points

Philip Hammond vs Michael Gove

Tiernan’s prediction: Philip Hammond 15% – 85% Michael Gove

Score: Philip Hammond 16% – 84% Michael Gove

Correct winner – 5 points

Score accuracy bonus – 2 points

Rupert Murdoch vs Paul Dacre

Tiernan’s prediction: Rupert Murdoch 55% – 45% Paul Dacre

Score: Rupert Murdoch 68% – 32% Paul Dacre

Correct winner – 5 points

Jeremy Hunt vs Mike Ashley

Tiernan’s prediction: Jeremy Hunt 35% – 65% Mike Ashley

Score: Jeremy Hunt 74% – 26% Mike Ashley

Nil points

Tiernan scores 24 points!

You can follow Tiernan on Twitter @TiernanDouieb and sign up to his mailing list at for info on upcoming gigs and loads of other stuff. You can also download A Night To Restore Sanity 2016 featuring Tiernan, Phil Jupitus, Keith Farnan, Chris Coltrane, Mr Gee, Jessica Fostekew, Andy Zaltzman, Jonny & The Baptists, Hassan Akkad, Pippa Evans, Chimene Suleyman, Andrew O’Neill, Bridget Minamore, Tez Ilyas, Ball Zee, Eleanor Tiernan, Jay Foreman, Nish Kumar, Steve Pretty, and Mitch Benn! All proceeds go to Help Refugees.


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