Mike Ashley vs Michael Gove



Date Time Competition Season
January 2, 2017 5:15 pm Arsehole Premier League 2016


Oh, please, we’re losing the will to live here. Ashley? Loathsome, best ignored and is clearly headed for relegation. Probably to the Lords, one day, if he donates enough. Michael Gove, of course, has the accolade of being the three-times cover image of ‘Most Punchable Face Monthly’, has refined ruinuous incompetence to the level of a performance art – and yet is still here. In Westminster. In the actual Government. Doing things. Somewhere, Gove has a collection of imaginative and revealing photos of the Chief Whip with Cheryl Cole and an Armadillo in a Soho Club, because we can’t think of any other reason he’s still even breathing.

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Mike Ashley19
Michael Gove81